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Founder ~ Claire E Braddock, HPS C.Ht CNA NLC

Claire E Braddock, HPS is a 7th Generation Scottish Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium and Certified Medical Intuitive with a traditional education in Counseling Hypnotherapy and Nursing. Born in 1974 and raised near Denver, Colorado,  it was in 1979 that Claire's family moved into a home built in 1885.  Natural deaths had occurred in this home throughout the years.  Being a 7th generation Scottish Psychic, Claire's hereditary gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship increased drastically as she grew up in this historical Old Town Longmont home.   Working full time for over 20 years as a Professional Intuitive Counselor and Hypnotherapist  known as TRUST CLAIRE™,  her compassionate wisdom speaks right to the heart of complex issues.  She intuitively illuminates personal relationships because she understands the interweaving of understanding, growth and healing.  She helps you to find the answers you seek as you walk your own unique Spiritual path.  She brings together the wisdom of experience, the grace of understanding and gifts from Spirit to offer you insight and empowerment.  

Currently, Claire is pursuing further her educational studies towards a Bachelor's Degree in Paranormal Science with her Master's Degree in Parapsychology.

Featured Psychic & Healer

In March of 2012, Claire E Braddock was honored to be featured on the front cover of Maximillien de Lafayette's book, AMERICA'S & WORLD'S BEST PSYCHICS & HEALERS WHO CARE MOST ABOUT YOU.

(Excerpts from book: pg. 78-80)

[As a Psychic] "Claire's work consists of all psychic senses and includes 3 major abilities: clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition.  Her dominant ability is as a clairvoyant medium which is defined as clear sight or clear seeing.  Claire has many other natural abilities including but not limited to telepathy and precognition that come into play as needed.  As a clairvoyant medium, she looks at information, as it is appropriate in past, present, future, and parallel lives.  Claire uses her 3rd eye or 6th chakra (energy center) to see the information that is pertinent to the questions you bring to the session.  She can only see as deeply as you give her permission to see.  In other words,  if you ask a general question, she will give you a general answer.  When you ask more specific questions, both you and Claire can go deeper into the reading which allows you to have a more profound session and healing experience."

[As a Healer] "Expecting an entire session to make sense or fit your immediate understanding is unrealistic.  Healing occurs on so many  levels that breaking down information for just the here and now can be very difficult.  The purpose of her work is to help you more fully understand the questions and issues you are facing as well as their source.  This will empower you to release the cause(s) and effect(s) of those issues on a soul level.  Claire's job is to help you gain understanding of your questions and situation and clear the issues, not cause you further pain or discomfort.  Karma is not absolute.  Together, with your permission and willingness, and with Claire's skill, you can clear that which causes you difficulty and bring yourself to a better experience of your own life."

Credentials - Regonitions - Memberships

2000 HPS (High Priestess) Recognition 

2001 Certified Counseling Hypnotherapist

2001 Kundalini Reiki Master (Colorado State CEU)

2002 Colorado State Registered Psychotherapist

2003 Certified Medical Intuitive (Colorado State CEU)

2003 Certified Grief Counselor (Colorado State CEU)

2009 Certified Paranormal Investigator (Colorado State CEU)

2009 Certified Crystal Therapist (Colorado State CEU)

2011 Tested and Approved by Psychic Source

2011 Tested and Approved by Shay Parker's Best American Psychics

2011 Best American Psychics *Psychic of the Month* (November)

2002 - 2004 Tarot Columnist for the Healing Path Magazine (Fort Collins, CO)

2007 Pagan Faith Group Leader for the CDOC (Colorado Department of Corrections) Faith & Citizen Program

2013 IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Rebekahs Member (Lodge #31)

2016 Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosea Crucis)



"I know that I was meant to meet you, and I feel blessed that I did.  Out of my 37 years of life on this planet, you make a difference and actually help me find myself, and the woman I was born to be.  I really can't thank you enough."  

- M.L. ( Delta, Colorado) 11/11/2017

"Claire, thank you so much!  I feel like I got an upgrade with your help.   I can hear myself easier, for example, when I talk negatively the voice  tells me to stop."  - M.T. (Aurora, Illinois) 11/1/2017

"Today's time was so powerful and healing I am so grateful."  - L.K. (Montrose, Colorado) 10/24/2017

"Just  wanted to say thanks for all of your great advice, things are so good.   All the people in my life that matter to me are all so happy with me."  - S.H. (Olathe, Colorado) 10/18/2017

"Thank you again for helping me and letting me borrow your special kyanite gem."
 - M.L. (Delta, Colorado) 10/19/2017